July Was...

August 01, 2017

July Was... a great month and time to take care of those hiccups and hurdles that we encounter as photographers... and there were quite a few.  Finally able to sift through all of images.

This image with the waves crashing against the cliffs, is more than words can describe; the authenticity of nature in it's purest form. To see the roar of the sea pounding against the cliff layers, we were awestruck to witness that power.

You've watched as this site has changed over the years...the image genres have expanded and evolved and they will continue to do so. I love to capture raw nature in it's purest state and challenge myself to tackle a new technique, approach, and/or process and... I never stop learning. The Mastered Montages have given way...only for a short time, to the power of nature.  

Thank you for following - looking forward to August.





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