More of the Little Things

July 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Summer and the Heat.  Sweltering temperatures and the humidity seem to bring things to a much slower pace.  The Summer flowers are in full bloom and on this day, a surprise visitor.   Thinking this was a Hummingbird, grabbing my camera quickly, I was excited to photograph it... except it wasn't a Hummingbird.  It is a ClearWing Hummingbird Moth. 

The ClearWing Hummingbird Moth stayed for quite awhile feeding on each purple bloom of the Butterfly Bush and then flew off with great speed.  I look forward to it's next visit - camera ready. 

The original post was published in 2016, but was requested to bring this image back, so, as we close July and look forward to August, take a look around and enjoy more of the little things.
Thank you for following along.  Til the next post.


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