June is...

June 21, 2017

June is... well underway. It is the month to explore as today is Summer Solstice and the official start of Summer.

While the journal posts has been quiet, it was a time to "unplug" a bit from it and enjoy the people around us.  Celebrating birthdays including Mom's and my husband's plus Father's Day.

Early morning on a recent trip we watched as the sun began to rise behind the distant landscape. A quiet stillness before the hustle and bustle as we began to make our journey homeward. 

We tried new food, laughed, watched the sunset, and sunrise. We experienced the power of the wind getting sand stuck in our hair (this time not in the camera), eyebrows, clothes and stinging our faces. It stuck everywhere. We watched as the waves crashed against the rocky cliffs and, of course, drank so much coffee... There was even a local cat that befriended my husband. It had climbed up on the public bench and laid beside my him. Just one of the sweet moments.  We were leaving with new firsts and created new memories.

Thank you for following along.

"The best part of photographing is creating, capturing, and preserving moments...because every image tells a story.   ~ one frame at a time."

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