April is...

April 01, 2017

Spring -  it is a welcome sight to see the birds begin to come to their Summer Home; beginning their mornings with a song long before the sun begins to rise. Busy sprucing up existing nests or building new ones in anticipation of raising the next generation of their feathered offspring. Then there's the flowers who are ready to peak through the frozen earth and bring us their colorful and fragrant blooms.

Out of the frozen ground, this Fine Art composite bloomed. Part of a growing collection, created in many layers it speaks of the tears, humor, strength, and every emotion in between; peeling away each layer to reveal the inspirational creativity behind the image; allowing the piece to write the creative direction in its own way.

Working through the process of creating this image, layer-by-layer, spoke loudly in dispelling the assuming visual outward impression of "perfectness". The diverse image subjects I photograph have a common thread of nature and her resilience that we take care and respect her. Other images tell stories as well; Sometimes it's a fleeting moment or a lasting one all captured to be remembered later.

I find inspiration everyday and everywhere and my camera has taught me to be a keen observer.  I surround myself with forward positive thinkers - ones with solutions because I would rather see the world in an optimistic light because there is something good that comes out of every day.

Yet there are still observations -There is the questioning of if "Photography is Art"?  The debate will ever be continuing... Sometimes I feel like Monet with a passion of creating from my own garden that takes on a life of its own. Sometimes I feel like Georgia O'Keefe and Dorthea Lange, though both artists worked in different mediums, wanting you to "see" the world beyond the obvious. Sometimes I am inspired by other photographers who attest to why we do what we do when we photograph.  So, from very early inspiration to working in digital as I do, the technology is different but the human factor in front and back of the camera still remains the same.

The world is meant to be explored and experienced.  So, create, capture and preserve the memories ... because every image tells a story.
one frame at a time.

Thank you for following.

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