March is...

March 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

March is... a look at the hills while the quiet overtakes the foggy Mountains in the distance. It is between Winter and Spring and before the leaves take over the barren branches that gives way to marking the beginning of Spring and blooms of color.

It's been awhile since posting...The flu has made it's way through and the winds have begun to blow in the early signs of Spring and excited in anticipation as the color begins to push through the landscapes.

I haven't stopped. In fact, I work everyday with a different subject/technique.  So, here is an image of the hills with the foggy mountains in the background on a recent trip.  I love photographs and with Winter days shorter, it's a challenge to capture the moody light.  Our seasons give me the opportunity to follow the unpredictable and discover something new. In this photograph, the barren trees give way to seeing a different seasonal perspective.  We stood very quietly "listening" to the wind through the trees and observing the fog drifting past the mountains in the background. 

You can find this image in the Landscape Collection to view a larger size and to view the collections of photographs.

Here's looking to Spring - thank you for following. 


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