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October - one of my favorite months.  The weather starts to get cooler, (or at least it is supposed to), the leaves starting to turn, and the feeling of settling in that comes with the change in the season. Bronchitis has made it's way through our house and this was a day out to get some fresh Fall air or at least to catch the cooler breeze coming in from the lake.

Nature must be confused as to what season it is and seemingly has confused everything else. On the road observing the still green trees, the further north the greener the trees. That's not what we were expecting. Even the birds are nesting again and laying eggs this late in the season.  Certainly looking forward to when she decides whether it is Fall or Summer.   

This image of a young eagle was photographed during that road trip. From a distance we were unsure what kind of a bird it was. So, camera in hand, slowly walked closer; excitement building with each step.  As I'd reached a spot with a clear view, standing quietly, my heart was racing, took a deep breath and begin to focus; all the while hoping it would stay just long enough to get a photograph.  It didn't deviate from the branch over-looking Lake Michigan even as we began our journey homeward as we were driving by. This is just one of the images.

Giving each other a high-five, it was one photographic moment that we can check off the list.  Once on the endangered list the Eagle had been taken off in 2007 (according to the US Fish & Wildlife website) and still not had the opportunity to photograph one, let alone a young Eagle.  This was a first. It was one of those times we didn't set out in search of one, yet ready when the opportunity presented itself - serendipity. 

Thank you for following - What was one of your serendipitous photographic moments?





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